Offset printing ink suitable to be applied on paper and carton board; based on vegetable oils and resinous products, structured with hi-boiling oil and modified polyesters.

FRESCORAPID EURO2000 offers on paper a fast setting throught physic separation of the fluid portion; subsequent oxy – polymerisation offers good gloss and hi-pile related to quality of paper.

FRESCORAPID EURO2000 is recommended for maximum versatility in printing as regarding to work ( editions, labels, food and different packaging articles) and related to printing machine for daily use on small, medium, large format & fastest units.

FRESCORAPID EURO2000 helps printer to work very easily and offers high performances with priority to workability, gloss aspect and good rub resistance.

FRESCORAPID EURO2000 is overnight on rolls for almost 18 hours.



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Cormano, 01/10/01

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