Metal decoration inks for Aluminium and Tinplate

SINTOMETAL printing inks are suitable for lithographic off-set application on the surface of metal (tinplate, aluminium and chromium plate / T.F.S. ), either natural or sized with transparent primer or white enamel. Products suitable to get and improve the best mechanical, physical and chemical resistance.

The vehicle for these inks is a polyester with vegetable oil resin modified with hard resins. Polymerisation is achieved by thermal heating (160-180C) for a period of 8-10 minutes in order to transform the product from viscous to a flexible solid with very good properties of adherence and cohesion on the surface to which it is to be applied.

The pigments used in the production of these inks are all from an organic source and therefore free from heavy metals, with the exception of titanium, dioxide inorganic which contributes to provide opacity (covering) and absolute whiteness.

In relation to the different treatments decorated metal is submitted to (eg. Boxes for foodstuffs which will be pasteurised or sterilised), SINTOMETAL inks must satisfy requirements known to the user and better listed as follows:

The range of shades available is very vast and divided into the following categories:

TYPEAlkid polyester
UsESurface decoration of tinplate, aluminium, TFS
ViscositY500 200 Poise Laray at 23C
Solid Content95% 5

These and others technical data of the SINTOMETAL range of printing inks are available on the products section of our internet site

Cormano 01/10/01