Lithographic ink for paper and carton board, mainly based on hard resins and vegetable oil, structured with high boiling solvent and modified with polyesters.

It has a rapid physical setting; with the separation and penetration of high-boiling solvent into the substrate we get speed set-off.

INKABASE is a series of mono pigment inks, according Pantone suitable in mixing systems for satisfying all solidity requirements in the processing steps which follow printing.

INKABASE is also available in the version AS, ALTA SOLIDITA’ ( High Performance ) which, judging by the results of the INK Maloberti research programme, proves to be particularly suitable for labels printing and all users who define Light and Alkali resistance specifications. The careful selection of pigments and other raw materials guarantees the prints perfect resistance to the chemical action of lacquers (Alkali-U.V.) and the physics (Sunlight).

INKABASE is available for the various formulation databases. Also according to PMS standard

INKABASE is stable in the machine for over 12 hours.



On demand

All technical specifications of the single inks in the INKABASE and INKABASE AS range can be seen in the products section on our website

Cormano 01/10/01

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