esci dal grigio
colora maloberti

esci dal grigio colora ink maloberti

Ink Maloberti means color
Talking about Ink Maloberti means talking about colour because Ink Maloberti knows how important colour is in a message and hence also in everyday life.

Ink Maloberti means service
Service, from production to product delivery, is one of Ink Maloberti’s trump cards.

Ink Maloberti means advanced technology
Ink Maloberti has understood the importance of suitable equipment for satisfying even the most sophisticated needs: Reactors for polyester bases, Three roll-mills for particle lamination, systems offering maximum precision in quality for repeating prescribed mixes, traceability of raw material batches, semi-finished and finished products, total computerised monitoring of production processes.

Ink Maloberti means leading-edge products
Ink Maloberti has developed its process and product technology in 45 years of activity. Lithographic inks for paper and cardboard, lithographic inks for metal, lacquer products.
Ink Maloberti is the first company to have produced its own polyester vehicles.

Ink Maloberti means research and development
Ink Maloberti carries out research and development in close cooperation with suppliers and customers, combining the experience of its technicians in the polymer, ink and lacquer products production sector. Knowing the needs of the market in advance enables the company to devise winning solutions for everyday problems.

Ink Maloberti means quality
The Ink Maloberti "quality system" has developed techniques which have become standard features over the past few years: continuous production control, colour evaluation with the aid of sophisticated spectrophotometric methods, simulation tests.

Ink Maloberti means respect for the environment
The environment has always been an important and strategic landmark for Ink Maloberti in its observance of legislative and moral standards.
Ink Maloberti is lithographic ink